Sybille Kuntz

Moselle | Germany 

Sybille Kuntz cultivates and makes wine exclusively Riesling. Its wines are dry, gastronomic and mineral. From the beginning he wanted to create wines that could compete with the great Burgundies.The symbolic wine that embodies his thought is the Spatlese Trocken, a great dry Riesling coming from the Grand Cru Niederberg-Helden.Over the years Sybille has considerably increased the heritage of vineyards compared to that hectare and a half and a little more than the parents. Currently the company owns 20 hectares of which 7.5 are in the Grand Cru Niederberg-Helden planted in the 1920s and with many pre-phylloxera wines. Since the 1990s the vines have been cared for with natural principles and since the 2011 vintage the company has been certified Organic, since 2016 Biodynamic.

Ideal as an aperitif, paired with raw fish or Asian-inspired dishes. It is advisable to drink it within five years, also for this the closure is with screw cap.

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The Qualitätswein is an ideal wine for an aperitif and thought to be drunk within four years from the harvest, also for this the closure is with screw cap.