The Miel | Venezuela

The distillery that produces Diplomatico is Distilerias Unidas (DUSA), located in the town of La Miel, in the state of Lara. Ron Diplomatico's idea was born in 1983 and the first drop dates back to 1989. The plant has been at the forefront for decades in terms of the variety of raw materials to be used and the types of distillation practiced. The uniqueness of a Diplomat in the Latin world is that it is a blend of completely different types of Ron, from raw material to fermentation to distillation. The mixture of these different rones is the nature of a Diplomat. The town of La Miel and more generally the state of Lara have a tropical climate, hot during the day and cool at night, high humidity, abundant rains and rich soil for growing cane. In fact, 80% of all Venezuelan cane is produced here. DUSA has cane crops and produces its own sugar, from which the molasses are owned. Different varieties of cane are used, Venezuela, Central Romana and Canal Point, and the harvest is done from November to March, earlier than in the Caribbean region. The unique feature is that both molasses and pure cane juice concentrate are produced from the juice extracted. The fermentations are certainly different too: the molasses is subjected to a short fermentation, of 18 hours, in 100,000 liter tanks, with a process of maximizing the production of alcohol. The concentrated cane juice, on the other hand, is fermented for 48 hours, the process is slower and the intent is to concentrate the aromas and aromas characteristic of Ron Diplomatico. The yeasts responsible for this fermentation are developed and grown within the company for each individual process.

Mantuano is an excellent rum aged up to eight years in white oak barrels, which were previously served to age bourbon and malt whiskey.

Dark golden color, dried fruit, oak and spices on the nose.

Complex and well balanced mouth, with notes of dried fruit, wood and vanilla. Concludes with a harmonic and slightly dry finish.

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The nose is soft and very fine, on the palate there are notes of dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, sultanas and dulce de leche. The finish is long, full, absolutely satisfying.