Pio Cesare

Alba | Piedmont

Pio Cesare was born in 1881 when Pio Cesare, first name and last name Pio, a successful entrepreneur, was attracted by the idea of ​​producing for himself, his family, his friends and customers a small and selected quantity of wines from from the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco.Year after year, Pio Cesare gives life to a real business by combining the passion for wine with a constant attention to the quality and style of its wines. His determined initiative, as attested by the authentic copy of his passport n. 55, one of the first to be released in Italy, pushed him to travel to Europe at the beginning of the 1900s to spread and promote Pio Cesare wines. His son Giuseppe Pio, the second generation, finds himself with a winery started in the early 1900s. The paternal activity continues, giving further development to the company with the appropriate investments in the cellar and a strong commercial initiative, making Pio Cesare a reference brand for Alba wines. Rosy, the only daughter of Giuseppe, married in 1940 Giuseppe Boffa, a young and successful engineer from Alba, manager of a large company in Milan. Engineer Boffa - during the Second World War - soon decided to leave Milan and his profession to devote himself to Pio Cesare with great passion and determination. The Pio Cesare brand increases its fame and notoriety on the national and international market and establishes itself in a convincing and definitive way, thanks above all to Barolo, as one of the great names of Italian wine, becoming one of the most authoritative and appreciated interpreters in Italy and in the world. Rosy and Giuseppe give the name Pio to the last of their children, thus recalling the surname of their great-grandfather and it is he today, the fourth generation, who leads and directs the company. Pio wanted his cousin Augusto, his nephew Cesare, son of his sister Federica, and his daughter Federica Rosy alongside him.As well as Pio Cesare at the beginning of our history, we too travel assiduously in more than 50 countries around the world with the aim to affirm and make our name recognized by wine lovers, restaurants and wine bars.

A Barolo of classic style, of body and elegance, of structure and harmony, with soft tannins and a right fruit, austere but persuasive. Long life. Barolo is a great wine by itself and should not be diminished in its value with the name of "base" or "generic" only because no vineyard or sub-area is indicated on the label.

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Scents of currant, fleshy fruit, almost sweet, discreet tannins, roundness, fragrance, freshness but also compactness and seriousness. It can last over time, enhancing the austerity of Nebbiolo. Serve fresh from the cellar.

The origin of the grapes, enhanced by a small addition of Nebbiolo from the Barolo and Barbaresco areas, makes it a Nebbiolo of body, structure and long life. The intense and ripe fruit, but still fresh, the soft and almost sweet tannins give it pleasure and fragrance.