List of products by brand Terlano

The effect of the Nova Domus on the palate is complex and structured, with a creamy and soft taste that contrasts with the aromatic and mineral notes, giving life to a captivating symbiosis that lingers long aftertaste.

Kreuth Chardonnay stands out for its light acidity, creamy structure and elegant aromas. It is thanks to its complexity and a mineral note that this Chardonnay, grown in the DOC area of ​​Terlano, is endowed with great longevity

The fruity aromas that are also present on the palate make this aromatic Traminer very dry, thanks to the classic, complex, but also salty and soft vinification.

This grape is a cornerstone of the assortment of white wines produced in South Tyrol. Thanks to its distinctly floral and fruity components, and above all to its intense aromas, this wine has many favors, and lately it is increasingly combined with Asian recipes.

The alluvial soils that cover the Bolzano area of ​​Gries have always been the ideal location to cultivate the native Lagrein vine, as evidenced by written sources dating back to 1379. Lagrein Gries stands out for its aromas of wild berries, but also for its its noble aromatic notes and a full and balanced body.

This Merlot, which grows best in the DOC area of ​​Terlano especially in the hot areas exposed to the south where the soil is clayey, is a full-bodied red wine and particularly strikes with its finesse.

The Müller Thurgau vine has found in Terlano hillside vineyards very congenial to its characteristics, on steep soils located at high altitudes up to 900 m asl The wines obtained are distinguished by elegance and typicality, with notes of peach and walnut nutmeg.

This substantial and extremely complex wine is particularly striking with its minerality, its remarkable capacity for development and thus underlines the potential of this variety.

This wine is soft and creamy, with a vigorous and young acidity, which however leaves a refined taste in the mouth, ideally integrating the mineral notes. The aftertaste is soft and elegant, but extremely heavy and deep.

Pinot Bianco has always been one of the most important grape varieties in the cellar, and it reflects very well the terroir that gives rise to the Terlano grapes. Vinified in purity, the Pinot Whites with a refined taste and above all with pleasantly mineral notes are one of Terlan's flagship flowers.

On the palate this Pinot Noir enhances the balance between a fruity fullness and a slightly tannic structure, a balance that gives this wine strong mineral notes and a great elegance.