Voerzio Martini

La Morra | Piedmont - Italy

Piedmont and in particular Le langhe, land of great wines: in this context of spectacular beauty is the Voerzio Martini company. A new company, but with a great history, since it represents the continuity of the Gianni Voerzio company of La Morra: his experience of affirmed "vigneron" gained over the years will be joined by the innovative ideas of the winemaker Mirko Martini and Federica Martini. The meeting of the various professional figures gave rise to new stimuli and important improvements, both for the company as a whole and for the already high quality of the wines produced. The primary objective of Voerzio Martini remains the careful management of the vineyards with respect for the environment, in order to obtain the highest quality of the raw material. The location of the fine vineyards has remained unchanged compared to the noble past; the present sees them in fact located in the most historic, appreciated, sunny and prestigious areas of La Morra.

COLOR: Intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections.

AROMA: Ample, rich, enveloping with profusion of red fruits; prevail plum and blackberry with fresh jam finish.

TASTE: Warm, vigorous, of great vigor, rich in sweet and fruity notes, harmony of vinous and fresh scents with a great finish of vanilla and pomegranate.

COLOR: Intense ruby ​​red with light amaranth reflections and garnet veins.
BOUQUET: Intense, with superb notes of ripe red fruits, fresh strawberry jam and wild blackberries. Delicate memory of vanilla.
TASTE: Full, soft, almost opulent in its power. Rich, but with the right tannic balance and great sweet persistence. Excellent cocoa and overripe fruit notes.

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COLOR: Deep ruby ​​red with very intense violet reflections.
BOUQUET: Vinous, broad and clean, rich hints of red fruits with a prevalence of black cherry and blueberry; great violet in profusion and great elegance.
TASTE: Full, warm and harmonious, young and silky tannins, with light minerality and excellent sapidity, young evolutionary stage with vegetal notes.

Color: straw yellow with beautiful green reflections and excellent brilliance.

Bouquet: fresh, harmonious with delicate notes of white peach and passion fruit;

Taste: intense, fresh and very aromatic with excellent acid-sweet balance; notes of ripe yellow melon and great flavor; mineral notes in crescendo with persistence of soft sensations and very captivating citrine nuances.

COLOR: Purple red with ruby ​​reflections and light intense carmine pink foam.
BOUQUET: Fresh, delicate, intense with delicate notes of red fruits such as currants and wild strawberries.
TASTE: Soft, delicate with a slight liveliness given by the delicate natural refermentation; excellent acid-tannic balance which is well suited to such a young, fruity and very pleasant wine.

COLOR: ruby ​​red with a light purple hue.
BOUQUET: delicate, fine but very intense in its nuances: from the macerated rose to the cherry stone
TASTE: full, rightly tannic with a nice acid balance, soft and captivating persistence where the fruity and vanilla notes blend well with hints of sweet spice and musky end; great drinkability