Cantine del Notaio


The passion for viticulture is ancient in the Giuratrabocchetti family and has been handed down for generations.

It is from this tradition that the Cantine del Notaio company was born in 1998, when Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, a graduate in Agricultural Sciences, takes up, with his wife Marcella, the challenge of enhancing the Aglianico del Vulture grown in its own vineyards, combining tradition , innovation, history and culture of the area.

With Professor Luigi Moio, Professor of Oenology at the University of Naples "Federico II", research on the oenological potential of this grape variety, the most important in Southern Italy, austere and generous at the same time and capable of giving wines with extraordinary personality.

Aglianico is a grape variety known since ancient Greek times. Sung by the Latin poet Horace, it is grown on the slopes of an ancient extinct volcano, the Vùlture, which is at the origin of those natural factors that determine the typical composition and maturation of these grapes. In fact, thanks to the volcanic nature of the soils, fertile and rich in particular mineral elements, to the presence in depth of tufaceous layers that act as a reserve of water in the driest periods of the year (what the local farmers call "the nursing tuff ") and in a very particular microclimate, the bunches, carefully selected and expertly worked, allow to obtain a strong wine, with a strong personality, precious in the ruby ​​color and with complex aromas.

This is why the company has paid particular attention to the choice of vineyards.

The 40 hectares of property are distributed in the most typical and most renowned districts of the Vulture area (Rionero, Barile, Ripacandida, Maschito and Ginestra) with some vineyards over one hundred years old.

All soils that, despite having a different nature (sandy, pozzolanic, medium-textured and clayey), have in common the layer of volcanic tuff and a pedoclimatic exposure that allows the perfect maturation of this which is one of the most late vines for the time of harvest (from mid-October to mid-November).

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Straw yellow, crystalline. The nose is presented with captivating aromas of almond and fresh exotic fruit: pineapple and mango. The taste is characterized by spicy flavor and pleasant freshness accompanied by a carpet of light fruity and green notes.

Ruby red with garnet reflections, bright and impenetrable. It has an elegant nose reminiscent of ripe morello cherry and plum, accompanied by spicy hints of licorice root. The taste is characterized by the harmonious trait and pleasantness. Closes with a long finish and sweet spices. </p>

Ruby red. The nose has hints of marasca and ripe plum with spicy hints. On the palate the notes of fruit, smooth tannins and a pleasant freshness make it a full and persistent wine.

Golden yellow, with bright amber reflections. The nose is characterized by a wide range of honeyed aromas, withered white flowers and dried fruit. On the palate, the sweet notes and the references of candied orange and apricot jam find the right counterpoint in a pleasant acidity that cleanses the palate and supports the long persistence.