Louis Roederer

Reims | Champagne - France

Founded in Reims in 1776, the Louis Roederer House has remained strictly family-owned over the years: it still belongs today to the descendants of Mr. Louis Roederer. The house boasts a property of over 214 hectares of vineyards, which are classified between 95% and 100% in the quality scale of the crus and which guarantee almost all the grape requirements. This fact, in addition to explaining the well-deserved name of "Champagne de propriétaire", allows the company to maintain, as a constant goal, the search for the best quality result.

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The new born, Cristal 2008, addresses us with a patient soul, full of promises. Forged by time and by a chalky land unique in the world, after ten years of aging it is now ready to be tasted.

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Born in a year of contrasts, the 2012 Cristal creates a subtle link between strength and finesse, the happy combination of an exquisite depth and the freshness of the limestone soil. Backed by a firepower, this wine of matter, born in the light of white soils, finds a rare intensity in this year's excellent maturation.